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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 28, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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victims, is giving us a closer look at andrew hoffman. wjz is live on lexington street downtown. derek valcourt has more reaction. >> reporter: tonight, we understand that that baltimore city police officer was apparently having a difficult time, coping with the fact that his ex-girlfriend was moving on with her life without him. she and her new boyfriend, a beloved firefighter, had just returned home from a halloween party, when they were killed. [ beeping ] >> reporter: at the engine 14 firehouse on holland street, on southwest baltimore, the doors are draped with black bunting other a tribute to 27-year-old firefighter andrew hoffman. hoffman and his new girlfriend, 26-year-old marie hartman, were gunned down inside his glen burnie home, around 1:30 in the morning sunday. hartman's younger sister escaped out the window. investigators say the killer was christopher lee robinson, her ex-boyfriend, who took his own life after the shooting. hartman, the mother of a 6-year-
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old, leaves behind a devastated family. >> we want to know why, why this happened. >> reporter: hoffman has been hailed a hero, awarded the chief thomas medal of courage in 2010 for rescuing a man from a fire on gillman street. and this year, recognized by wjz, helping to save this 3- year-old boy who had wandered away from home. friends say the third generation firefighter was heroic, even in his 90 final minutes. >> the night he was killed, he did all he could to protect his girlfriend and her sister, who survived the terrible ordeal. and i think without andy's help, that would not have been possible. >> reporter: wjz was there, as his uncle collected some items from andrew's home, needed for funeral arrangements. his father released a written statement, on behalf of his family, saying our hearts are absolutely broken over the loss of our son, brother, grandson
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and uncle. it's hard to imagine going forward without him. but we know andy died a hero. that is the way he lived his wife and we wouldn't -- life, and we couldn't be prouder of him. >> funeral plans are being set for saturday. firefighters plan to be part of that funeral service, to honor their fallen friends. we're live downtown, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. >> all right, derek. thank you. baltimore city police say their thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the tragedy. >> three men are behind bars, after a murder-suicide, murdered inside a maryland hotel. denise has more on the charges from the newsroom. >> reporter: police say deannedra wings is the killer. this is surveillance video from the hotel in oxon hill. all three men are facing first- and second-degree murder charges. police say the men tried to rob the clarion hotel along oxon hill road, and killed jesse chavez in the process. investigators say the men got
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into a confrontation, and the suspects fled after the shooting. police believed the three men they have arrested are responsible for other robberies around the d.c. area as well. kai? >> denise, thank you. the men were able to make off with an undisclosed amount of money from the robbery. there's no word if that has been recovered. a maryland state trooper is hurt after a collision in baltimore county. it happened just after 6:00 this morning. and closed part of the beltway for nearly four hours. trooper first class krist fer hall was sitting on the shoulder, investigating another accident when a car hit him. a 67-year-old man was driving that car near the 702 exit. he refused treatment at the scene. no word if charges will be filed. charges -- penn state announced it will pay more than $59 million to 26 sexual abuse victims. the terms of the settlement include confidentiality
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agreements. of the 26 greams, 23 are -- agreements, 23 are signed. the others are just waiting final documentation. sandusky was convicted last year of 45 counts of sexual abuse. national security agency spying practices is not letting up tonight. the u.s. ambassador to spain was summoned to the foreign ministry in madrid, to answer new eavesdropping allegations. danielle nottingham has more from washington. >> reporter: a delegation of european diplomats arrived on capitol hill, hoping to limit u.s. spying on their leaders. >> i think we have to make a clear distinction between fighting together terrorism, but not spying on friends. >> reporter: former national security agency contractor edward snowden leaked documents revealing the u.s. tapped german chancellor awningle -- angella merkel's cell phone. president obama steered clear of the controversy, as he
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helped swear in his new fbi director. but the white house is saying, u.s. intelligence gather suggest under review. >> the president clearly feels strongly about making sure that we are not just collecting information because we can, but because we should. >> reporter: besides being embarrassing, spying on allies could have economic consequences, as washington works to negotiate a major trade deal with the european union. >> reporter: former state department james lewis says the u.s. won't stop the program because in a post-9/11 world, the information is too valuable. >> this makes us safer. less surveillance means less successful successful -- more successful attacks. >> reporter: danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> some u.s. lawmakers are defending the spying practices. they argue places like france are safer because of the nsa's surveillance program. it's been one year since super storm sandy battered the
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northeast. and still communities are trying to pick up the pieces. the damage up the east coast was catastrophic. mostly in new jersey and new york. at least 140 people died. over half a million homes destroyed and 50 billion worth of damage. and there was extensive damage here in maryland from sandy. we're live with complete coverage. jessica kartalija takes a closer look at the damage and recovery. and meteorologist chelsea ingram looks at the storm's impact. jessicjessica is live at fells point to begin our coverage. >> reporter: good evening, kai. good evening to everyone. we all remember it very well. and thank goodness, things look a lot differently than they did a year ago. today and tomorrow. but kai, as you mentioned, people are still strug lin to -- struggling to rebuild throughout maryland. >> reporter: the first anniversary of sandy. >> this is the highest i've seen the tide up in my lifetime. we went down here about a half hour ago. and we had to turn around. >> reporter: it hit the state with record-breaking winds, rain and snow.
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>> what they're very worried about here is the storm surge. they're worried about water, worried about flooding. >> reporter: 11 marylanders, killed with some $47 million in damage. >> we've provided homes. and we've revealed homes -- rebuilt homes for people. >> reporter: one year later, $19 million is anything to maryland -- going to maryland towns hit the hardest. >> it will be coming from the federal government. it will be distributed on the basis of need. >> reporter: the money goes toward the reconstruction of homes, businesses and their economy. >> it was devastating. the entire town was flooded. and when i say the entire town, i mean, the entire town. everything was flooded. >> reporter: in chrisfield, coffins floated out of graves. residents were rushed to shelters. the town dock, swept away. >> that's where our commerce, our commerce comes through every day. >> reporter: now, they're still rebuilding. >> reporter: we know the ocean
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city pier is taking a beating as well. >> reporter: still plenty of work to be done. more than 200 maryland homes are still in need of repair. >> try to get the help we need to start rebuilding. >> reporter: and with this additional aid, senator mikulski's offices, received over $74 million in total, to help maryland rebuild. joining me now, meteorologist chelsea ingram. chelsea, that storm really packed a punch. >> i certainly do think that's a low, everyone. first, let's take a look at the actual storm itself. we have the radar and video from the storm. you can see how powerful it was. taking a look at that now. this storm actually made landfall on october 29th. and it affected the entire state. we're talking about from the mountains, all the way out towards the coast. it brought extreme winds. brought rain. also brought snow to even some areas. while sandy was a big event for maryland, its impact, of course, felt across the entire eastern sea board.
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but some of the greatest impact for us here in maryland were in the form of precipitation. some spots fell anywhere from 8 to 12 inches of rainfall. in other spots, saw upwards of 1 foot of snowfall in western maryland. a year later, the weather, a lot different outside now. bob has got a look at what you can expect for the next couple of days. here's your first warning forecast. let's go inside to bob. very, very quiet the next several days. and pretty pleasant weather here in the last days of october. right now, we're at 64 degrees around the area. 53 in oakland, with generally clear skies. just high clouds out there. 65 in d.c. and 62 in ocean city. it was chilly this morning. but today, we got up to 5 degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this time. 8 degrees warmer in oakland. but this morning, we were down to 33 degrees. 32 in hagerstown. this is the third day in a row, we've had frost or freezing temperatures across the region. but tomorrow, looks like we've got another area of dry air,
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headed our way. a little cooler tomorrow than it was today. maybe 5 or 6 degrees am but after that, we get a big warmup. we may get above 70 degrees later this week. mary? >> all right, bob. thank you. it is back to work for the ravens. their bye week is over. and a couple of crucial divisional games are coming up. week is live at the ravens training facility in owings mills. sports director mark viviano has more for us. hi, mark. >> the ravens did reconvene for practice today, back from that bye week. a chance to rest and regroup for the remainder of the regular season. many of the players took mini vacations, while the coaching staff continued preparations for those final nine games. >> the ravens had plenty to ponder, during their bye week, coming off two straight close defeats. the most recent and most painful to their division rivals, the steelers. one of the ravens' primary problems is their lack of a good running game. part of what has them sitting
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on a losing record. 3-4 after seven games. looking forward to improvement and a strong finish. >> i thought we had a good couple of days off. it was good to get them time away with their families. the midseason rest is always good. you get a chance to get your legs back. get a chance to get your body healed a little bit. those are the positives of a bye week. great thing for us. i think it was a plus for us. i am looking forward to seeing how we respond. >> and we ask you, with our wjz fan cam. what are your expectations for the ravens for the rest of the season? >> i think they're going to be okay. because the division is wide open. >> i expect maybe 8, 8, 9 and 7. >> i hope that we can get better. i don't think we're going to be as good as we were last year. i think there are still a lot of holes. and i think we're sort of still on the super bowl hangover. >> i think with the next three games coming up, we're going to get a rhythm going, and get back into it. >> reporter: and in hopes of
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improving their running game today, the ravens sign free agent running back bernard scott, who last played for the cincinnati bengals. coming up, we'll get coach harbaugh's scouting report. back to you for now. >> all right, mark. thank you. and you can see the game against the browns sunday afternoon. starts at 4:15, live here on wjz. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. wild weather strikes england. a look at the damage coming up. plus, getting out of jail. who conrad murray ran into after being released early. details just ahead. learning fly. students. an inside look next. sunny and clear out there today. it's going to get warmer just in time for halloween. don't miss the updated first warning weather forecast with bob coming up.
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mainly clear and 64 degrees in central maryland. the complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. conrad murray is a free man. he served about half of a four- year prison sentence for his role in the death of michael jackson. kara finnstrom has the latest from outside the jail in los angeles. >> we're out here to see conrad murray get out. >> die-hard michael jackson fans and media crews were waiting outside the men's central jail at midnight. >> he's unfit, unethical. incompetent and greedy. >> safety trumps everything. and so, the l.a. county sheriff's department decided to take a safe route, and we did. i'm not going to discuss that. how we did that. >> reporter: murray served as jackson's personal doctor, for the pop star's comeback concert. he was convicted of involuntary
5:17 pm
manslaughter, for giving jackson the fatal overdose of the powerful anesthetic, prop fol. >> reporter: under state sentencing guidelines, with some time considered served, he ended up spending about half that time in jail. >> i'm just happy he is finally out and can start his life as a free man again. >> reporter: valerie wass would not say where murray plans to live, but only that his top priority is reuniting with his family, and working again as a doctor. he appealing his conviction and trying to get his medical license reinstated. >> i believe he will practice medicine somewhere. >> would you let him be your doctor? >> absolutely. without any hesitation whatsoever. >> reporter: ross also said murray wrote a book while behind bars. not about michael jackson or his experience with the legal system, but about congress. >> the jackson family issued a statement saying, they hope dr.
5:18 pm
murray never practices medicines again. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check on the roads now with kristy breslin, at week traffic control. >> hi, kai. hi, everyone. chaos building around the inner loop. we have an accident there at the jones falls expressway, blocking the two right-hand lanes. another accident we're watching is northbound 95, at mountain road. also, having traffic back up to whitemarsh boulevard. watch for a crash in glen burnie. richie highway at crane. and as far as delays go, inner loop traffic just creeping along. 95 past liberty road. with an average speed of 40 miles an hour. top side inner loop, delay there, large due in part. delays going from green spring avenue. with an average speed of 20 miles an hour. on the other side of northbound 95, stop and go there, from 32 past 100. average speed, 32 miles per hour. let's take a live look. as you can see, not too bad, green spring avenue. but it does slow down right at
5:19 pm
that point. this traffic report is brought to you by disney on ice. let's celebrate all of your favorite holidays, packed into one spectacular ice show. starting at the baltimore arena. $15 through $30. october 2nd. get your tickets now. well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out, kids learn best when they are learning something hands-on. today, i learned that could lead to a student becoming a rocket scientist. students from three baltimore city middle schools are competing in rocket into poly. a rocket-launching competition at baltimore's poly tech. the students, all in the ingenuity project, which fast tracked, built and designed rockets from scratch. >> it was really fun. working together with the team and having to build it all in one hour. >> the goal is to see how much the rocket will travel. but nasa astronaut, don thomas,
5:20 pm
from towson university, tells me, it is also about learning to collaborate. >> they were working as a team. so these are groups of five or six. this is how engineers work in the real world. they don't work by themselves. >> reporter: students work together for weeks, leading up to today's big launch. >> when you put air pressure from the psi, launches the air out. and forces the rocket. >> do you think it's going to work? >> i'm not sure. >> the future physicist and his team give it a go. >> not bad. it broke apart. but i think it went about 20 yards. and today's rocket launch record, with 47 yards. if you'd like to learn more about the nonprofit ingenuity project, head to our website, cbs baltimore document. and we have a link there. >> difficulty upon reentry. >> that's it. >> very cool. >> i know. very cool. very smart kids out there today. >> all right. we've got pretty nice weather
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headed our way. actually, warmer temps coming later this week. now at 64. no wind at all. currently, the barometer rising. come back and take a look at the midweek forecast after ,,,,,
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week mobile weather lab, here in fells point. it is a beautiful october evening. we've got a warmup headed our way. bob has those details inside, on tv hill, and your exclusive first warning forecast. bob? >> nice night out there tonight. i'm sure a lot of people will be walking around the harbor area down there. right now, we have very pleasant temperatures. we're at 64 degrees. we got up to about 65, a little while ago. take a look at the rest of the region. 53 in oakland. 59 in cumberland. and 65 over in d.c. and locally, temperatures still upper 50s to around 60 degrees. normal high now is around 63, by the way. so we're very close to that. looks like tomorrow, we take a bit of a dip. a weak front going through the area. just a few clouds now. temperatures tomorrow, around 59 or 60, rather than the low 60s. right now, no wind here at all. they're going to start shifting more to the north, northeast. and eventually tomorrow, come out of the east. they'll pick up a little bit. be a little breezy tomorrow. and yes, it will feel a little
5:25 pm
cooler today. but it will be mainly sunshine most of the day. now, to the west and north, canadian cold air. filtering in to the rockies. denver dropped to that. just west of denver, not that far. salt lake is 68 degrees. and you know something is going on here. low pressure developing right over that region. it's spinning around, dragging warm air up ahead of it. cold air behind it. that's why all of this cold air is coming in from canada. big snowstorm for the northern rockies. ahead of it, mielgd air. sketch in kansas city now. and 76 in dallas. this warm air is clashing with that cold air. could be some severe weather, out of portions of the central plains. in the meantime, as that low heads across the great lakes, warm air comes up the east coast for a couple of days. we could get up to the low, even mid-70s possible. unfortunately, with that warm air coming in, we'll have additional moisture. and that low pressure will drag a frontal system toward our region, by thursday night into friday. that's halloween.
5:26 pm
it is a pretty good shot. we'll see showers, maybe even a rare, late october shower or thundershower, across the region. there's clouds south of us. and a few clouds across the region. weak front. you can barely see it across the region. and will put us in pleasant, but slightly cooler air. during the latter part of the week. warmer air surges in. temperatures, as i mentioned, probably 70 or better. then that front approaches. scattered showers thursday night. and again, expected here on friday. east/northeast winds becoming 10 to 15. bay temp, around 59 degrees now. tonight, then, just a few high clouds there. not as cool as last night. 39. tomorrow, back up to 60. nice fall day, with a lot of sunshine. just a bit of a breeze, making it feel a little cooler. but all in all, a very nice tuesday. >> it's beautiful. thanks, bob. still ahead on eyewitness news at 5:00. more legal troubles. r&b singer, chris brown, appears in a d.c. courtroom, after coming to blows outside a hotel.
5:27 pm
what happened today? i'm alex demetrick. coming up, why the maryland doctor, being sued for millions, is crossing paths in court, with maryland's millionaire casino owner. that story as eyewitness news continues. it's one thing to learn about in the classroom? and it's another thing to see it in person. >> after nearly a year of being closed, people get a hands-on look at their history on ellis island. the reopening after hurricane sandy, coming up. and here's today's report from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 5:30. 64 degrees. and mainly clear in central maryland right now. good evening, everybody. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. first, the verdict, now the penalty. the civil lawsuit against former cardiologist, mark medei. and for the damages phase today. wjz is live. alex demetrick has details on the millions at stake and why maryland's biggest casino owner is now involved. >> david cordish is going to be called to the witness stand. what he has to say may determine whether millions of dollars in damages are awarded into his expartner. >> when stents were placed into
5:31 pm
businessman glen weinberger, he thought he had severe heart disease. until the lawsuits hit. charging that dr. mark medei performed procedures on hundreds of patients who didn't need it. last week, a jury found in weinberg's favor. now, the jury has been called back to decide damages for weinberg, based in large part with his past dealings with this man. >> please welcome, the chairman of the company, david cordish. >> reporter: for years, weinberg and cordish were partners. in opening statements, weinberg's lawyer said he went from his type a, all in, i love my job, to he's work -- not working as hard, not putting in all of his hours. cordish said, you're all in or you're all out. when weinberg found out his heart was healthy, he tried to get his job back, but cordish said, when you leave me, you can't
5:32 pm
come back. >> reporter: weinberg's lawyers say if he hadn't received a faulty diagnosis, he would would have wife -- would have received 4% of the profits from several things. >> wienberg's lawyers say the lost projects cost him $58 million in lost income. >> thank you. medei's lawyers told the jury, that is speck eulogy on -- speculation on the past. and david cordish will testify what the numbers might have been if weinberg had stayed with the company. back in hot water. grammy award winner chris brown appears in court in washington, d.c. >> singer chris brown is appearing in court right now, on a felony assault charge. brown is accused, along with his bodyguard, of punching a man who tried to get in a picture this weekend. he was in washington, performing at a nightclub, as part of homecoming.
5:33 pm
brown's family arrived this afternoon. at least six family members were initially not able to enter the courtroom due to the massive crowd. this could jeopardize his freedom. kai, back to you. >> vic, thank you. brown's attorneys have not returned calls, seeking comment about this incident. desire a southwest airlines flight, headed to baltimore, returns to a tennessee airport, after a pilot reports mechanical issues. officials say the pilot decided to turn the plane around after taking off this morning. the plane, carrying 110 passengers, landed safely at nashville international airport. there are several reports of flight-encountered multiple bird strikes. passengers were then booked on other flights to baltimore. one year after super storm sandy, ellis island finally reopens to the public. but the historic site, where millions of immigrants entered the united states, still has not fully recovered from this storm. alison harmelin is on ellis island and has more for wjz. >> reporter: boats filled with
5:34 pm
tourists, returned to ellis island for the first time since super storm sandy slammed the historic site last october. jace and lisa chenko came from cleveland. >> my father passed away, about a month ago. it's kind of nice to trace the roots back to where he came through. and just -- where he first stepped footo this country. -- foot on this country. >> reporter: vincent brought his daughters from france. >> this is the river of america. it is a big part of new york. >> reporter: rob lores brings students from wales every year. >> last career, the students were absolutely gutted that they couldn't see it. so it's great to be able to see it this year. >> last year, they needed about $sphesm million in -- $77 million in repairs after the storm flooded the island with water. >> reporter: here, as many as 5,000 immigrants entered the u.s. every day. now, about that many tourists visit. some of the benches are nearly
5:35 pm
100 years old. >> reporter: more than 1 million photographs are being stored while buildings are fixed and upgraded. the 27-acre property is expected to be fully restored and repaired next year. alison harmelin, wjz eyewitness news. >> coming up all new at 6:00, wjz takes us to the maryland facility that protected those important documents when the super storm hit. he cofounded twitter. and now, tech titan jack dorsey has another idea. square for cash. the mobile payments company, square started in 2009 ask gives small businesses the ability to take credit cards. now, square for cash will allow people to send cash. the initial setup is easy. and apparently the fees are low. and dorsey said he wants small businesses to have the same shot at success as big businesses have. in tonight's wjz healthwatch report, laptops and cell phones. your child can get too much of a good thing. the american academy of pediatrics says parents should limit teens to just two hours a
5:36 pm
day of technology. the panel urges parents to ban computer and tvs from children's bedrooms. heavy use of computers and cell phones is linked to sleep problems, bullying, obesity, and poor grades. the good news continues at the gas pump. in tonight's wjz pump watch report. gas prices in baltimore are down nearly 4 sends a gal -- 4 cents a gallon since last week. national average is down 13 cents during the last month. and here's a look at the numbers in our area. last mont, a gallon of gas cost $3.41. today, that same gallon goes for $3.29. and one year ago, it was $3.55. time for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. open society institutes billionaire and founder and chairman, george sorrows. talks about how he's taking the model he's established here in baltimore and expanding it to other cities. our preview of the nba season,
5:37 pm
which tips off tuesday, and the ravens are back and preparing for a must-win game sunday, against the browns. for these stories and more, read tomorrow's baltimore sun. and remember to look for the updated forecast from wjz's first warning weather team. well, thousands of women make strides against breast cancer across baltimore. denise is in the newsroom with the latest on this for us. denise? >> reporter: mary, more than 5,000 people came out to walk around lake montebello yesterday. including many breast cancer survivors. a sea of pink covered the lawn at the ymca stadium place in baltimore. pink tutus, pink pom poms. applauded cancer survivors in the making strides against breast cancer walk. the american cancer society is the largest funder of cancer research. the cancer society walk raised more than $300,000. that money will be used for research and support programs for breast cancer patients. mary? >> all right, denise. thank you. and wjz is a proud cosponsor. as part of our continuing
5:38 pm
community commitment. i'm so glad, kai, they got great weather. because i've done that walk. and it's a beautiful walk. if the sun is out. and there are so many stories of inspiration there, too. >> and the good weather does encourage more people to come out, which is what they need. >> it does. raise more money for research. rightful. still to come on wjz eyewitness news. plane goes down. several passengers are forced to swim to safety. what happens next? a fair ride operator charged after several people are hurt, appears in court. what he's accused of doing to the ride. i'm meteorologist chelsea ingram, live with the wjz mobile weather lab here in fells point. bob and i will have a look at your tuesday and five-day forecast, when we come back. ,,,
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very pleasant night. you see high clouds in there. they're just going to signal a weak front throot through the area. which means temperatures tomorrow, not quite as mildad this afternoon. chels selive with a tuesday forecast. >> hey, thanks, bob. the good news is, starting out tomorrow morning, it's not going to be as cool or as chilly as it was this morning. we'll start out with temperatures in the low to mid-
5:42 pm
40s through the region. that will take us into the afternoon, with a high around 60 degrees. and by dinnertime, we'll being looking at 50 degrees with a clear skies. >> pretty warm temps to end the week. 70 on wednesday, with more clouds. yeah,unfortunately, thursday night, halloween. 72. mild night. 62. maybe some showers, unfortunately. hopefully they'll be later on. there's a better chance here on friday. look how warm it gets. up to 74. there could even be thunder with a front coming through. it begins to cool down. but still very nice. partly cloudy skies. 66, 44 on saturday. getting cooler. a little cooler by the end of the weekend. within the next several days, very mild temps. tomorrow is really the only day it is slightly below average. 60 for a high on your tuesday afternoon. kai? >> in florida, four people are recovering today after their plane crashes into the water. officials say the small plane crash-landed as it was coming to the everglades air park
5:43 pm
yesterday. more passengers were on board, but they managed to escape. a passing boater saw the crash and rescued them from the water. all four are expected to be okay. the faa is now investigating. a ride operator facing criminal charges over injuries at the north carolina state fair makes his first court appearance. timothy tutoro has been charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon, inflicting serious injury. the 46-year-old is accused of intentionally tampering with the vortex ride that injured five riders. elena machado has more on the arrest. >> we're at the state fair and the ride turned upside down and dumped people out. there's people who are bleeding really bad. >> reporter: a terrifying scene on a north carolina state ride. this morning, the operator, timothy tutoro is behind bars, charged with three counts of felony assault with a deadly weapon. >> this ride was tampered with after the inspection.
5:44 pm
and that critical safety devices were tampered with and compromised. >> authorities aren't releasing specific details about the alleged tampering. but they say this is a criminal investigation. tutoro's attorney tells cnn, his client is distraught and devastated by what happened. [ sirens ] >> reporter: witness witness i say the vortex ride had stopped and people were getting off it thursday, when it suddenly restarted. >> the ride broke loose, and five people fell from the sky, 20-feet drop. >> reporter: five people were injured, three remain in the hospital. victims were family members between the ages of 13 to 49. >> it makes me mad to think anybody would put people in danger like they had. i'm not mad, i'm furious. >> reporter: the company that owned the ride relossed a statement in part saying, it has never before experienced an incident with any of its wides like this one. the company purchased the vortex earlier this year and says tutoro has been operating
5:45 pm
it since then. >> three people from the accident remain in the hospital. in new york city, a 25-year- old man has been charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of five relatives, including four children. ming don chen did not enter a plea at a court appearance today. he has been accused of butchering his cousin's wife and her four children in brooklyn over the weekend. police say chen had been staying with the family for about a week. they also say he implicated himself in the killings. funeral services are held for the massachusetts high schoolteacher, allegedly killed by one of her students, st. augustine church in andover was filled to capacity for the funeral mass for colleen ritzer. police say ritzer a math teacher at danvers high school, was brutally murdered in the school's bathroom last tuesday. 14-year-old phillip chism has been charged with her murder. in california, a good samaritan risks his own life to save a truck driver from a fiery crash on a freeway. the double tanker erupted in
5:46 pm
flames after the driver hit the guardrail. the cab of the truck, carrying thousands of pounds of oil, flew over the edge of the freeway, crashing to the ground, with the driver inside. the good samaritan manages to pull the driver out of the wreckage. >> the tank on the freeway is completely burned to the ground. the tractor tanker, hanging over the side is completely burned and there's four or five, five or six other vehicles on the street that are completely burned. and this person is alive. >> reporter: the truck driver was taken to the hospital in critical condition, with burns over 40% of his body. well, two special needs students at a florida high school are now the reigning homecoming king and queen. mimi lopez and guy benza both have down syndrome. but they don't let their challenges slow them down at all. teachers say they are social butterflies at this school. they are so popular, their classmates voted them onto the homecoming court. and then the pair won and will
5:47 pm
now be remembered as high school royalty. how nice. tributes continue today for lou reed. the rock and roll legend passed away today at the age of 71. susan mcginnis takes a look back at his remarkable career. >> lou reed was the driving force behind the legendary cult band, velvet underground. the band never achieved widespread commercial success, but many credit the group with revolutionizing rock in the 1960s and '70s. and having a major influence on generations of future musicians. >> take a walk on the wild side ♪ >> reporter: walk on the wild side was his only top 20 hit, but songs like "sweet jane" and "pale blue eyes" became reed standards. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the singer led the way as the velvet underground collaborated, like none before, with filmmakers and artists,
5:48 pm
including andy warhol. >> that's why the records sound the way they sound. that's why nothing got changed. because andy said, don't change anything. leave it alone. >> reporter: the vengeet underground was inducted in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1996. the new york native was an admitted drinker and hard drug user. he later called himself a triumph to modern medicine. is san mcdiniss, wjz eyewitness news. >> the first are all in rolling stone's 500 greatest albums of all times the. two of the four inmates who escaped from an oklahoma jail are in custody. 21-year-old dylan ray, three irons and 23-year-old prime brown have been captured less than 20 miles from that jail. the men escaped from the cotto county jail sunday, after prying open a maintenance hatch in the ceiling jail power. well, the other two escapees are now on the run.
5:49 pm
check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. denise is standing by with a preview coming up for us. denise? seeking answers. a city police officer kills his ex-girlfriend and her boyfriend. were there any warning signs of the fatal encounter. and back open. parts of ellis island reopened. but more than 1 million artifacts are still missing. why they are in maryland. check in for all the breaking news, coming up at 6:00. back to you. and we go to breaking news right now. there's been a crash involving a motorcycle in baltimore county. let's go to sky eye chopper 13 and captain jeff long. captain jeff. good afternoon. baltimore county medics, working on the victim of this accident here on the ground. he does appear to be conscious. the motorcycle, you can see there, struck by that van. this is at the bottom of the ramp, exiting the inner loop of the beltway, onto golden ring. in the golden ring shopping area. and this is on golden ring
5:50 pm
road, between pulaski highway, and route 7. you can see that they've taken up both lanes of golden ring road. but they are allowing traffic that is exiting from the beltway to take a left-hand turn to get over to route 40. reporting live from sky eye chopper 13, i'm captain jeff long. back to you. >> all right, captain jeff. thank you. we'll bring you updates as they become available. and still ahead. rough weather. the cleanup under way, after a deadly storm strikes much of britain. britain. a look at what it left ,,,,,
5:51 pm
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four people are killed by falling trees as the super storm wars through great britain. people in england are just beginning to assess the damage from the hurricane forced winds and rain. alphonso van marsh reports for wjz from london. >> the powerful storm with winds as strong as 99 niles --
5:54 pm
99 miles an hour, whipped up 25- foot waves, blue up buildings, and tore trees out of the ground. rescue teams battled dangerous conditions as they continue to search for a 14-year-old boy, slipped out to sea. they later called off their search. a 17-year-old girl was also killed when a tree fell on her trailer home. in london, a massive crane crashed down on the cabinet offices. nobody was hurt. here in west london, a tree fell on that home, triggering a gas explosion that destroyed at least three houses. unfortunately, two bodies have been found. the bodies of a male and female. >> the storm dubbed storma gedon has left more than a quarter million people without electricity. nationwide, some train service was suspended over concerns trees could land on the tracks. about 130 flights were delayed or canceled at heathrow airport. airline officials say flights are now running a reduced schedule. authorities say the storm did less damage than feared, in part because they sounded the alarm, well ahead of time,
5:55 pm
about a possible catastrophe. in london, alphonso van marsh, wjz eyewitness news. >> the storm is now making its way through france and holland. transportation officials are asking travelers to check with their airlines for possible flight changes. an artist in japan is starting a new trend to make your coffee more appealing. it's 3-dimensional art. it is essentially a race against time. because of all of its works have to be finished within five minutes. this weekend, he used his latte- making skills to make replicas of man's best friend. he just has to finish before the foam breaks down. >> that is so cool. >> i was trying to make a latte in the house over the weekend. i could barely make the latte. >> exactly. get the right color. that is very cool. still to come tonight on wjz's eyewitness news. one year ago. >> this is the highest i've seen the tide up in my
5:56 pm
lifetime. >> reporter: i'm jezecca -- jessica kartalija. a look at damaged parts of ,,,,,
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
coming up at, super storm sandy. baltimore city firefighters, mourn the loss of one of their own, after a tragic double murder-suicide. i'm derek valcourt, with details on what happened.
5:59 pm
and remembrances of the victim, when eyewitness news continues. >> the ravens are rested and ready to resume the rest of the season. i'm mark viviano, in owings mills. we'll hear what coach john harbaugh is saying about the rest of the season ahead. when eyewitness news continues. check in for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. still recovering. >> one year after super storm sandy, marylanders still feel the effects. the rebuilding that is still under way. hello, everyone. i'm defees coke. -- denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. >> it has been one year since super
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